Admin is the gateway to a number of career options

There’s so much more to admin than filing, paperwork and spreadsheets.

Studying Admin and IT is the gateway to a fantastic and rewarding career in a massive range of industries.

It will introduce you to office management, managing people and organisations, economics, and marketing as well as a range of other subjects and skills.

It’s also a subject that will boost your confidence and help prepare you for a role in a modern office environment.

Here are just five reasons to study administration and information technology – although there are many more!

  1. Open doors to opportunities in a wide range of sectors

Admin courses introduce you to topics such as marketing, human resources, ICT, and customer care, which could spark further study and a rewarding career.

But the beauty of studying admin and IT is that you also get so much more. You’ll be able to develop your communication and interpersonal skills – traits that every organisation looks for – and will allow you to feel more confident in dealing with people and workplace situations.

You’ll learn by using digital technologies and social media to aid your development and business communication skills.

Not only will this make you highly employable once you finish your studies, you’ll be ideally placed to enter self-employment and start your own business.

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  1. Develop into a great team player

Admin courses include the opportunity for group project working – allowing you to develop your collaborative working skills as well as problem solving and communication skills. These are always important skills to have when looking to enter employment.

In turn, this also allows you to learn how to get the best out of the people you work with and how to manage a team.

Studying admin also allows you to develop excellent customer care skills. This is an incredibly useful skill to have on your CV and can be translated to roles in just about every organisation.

  1. Channel your creativity

Creativity is a sought after trait and can, with the right training and application, be applied to almost every career.

If you’re a creative person who has good ideas and enjoys being able to innovate processes, studying admin and IT could allow you to unlock your own potential and find an outlet for your originality and vision.

Being detail orientated and being creative are not mutually exclusive, and administration could help you realise your ability to use both skills in tandem.

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  1. Face up to the challenge

If you are a hands-on person who likes to deal with practical – and often complex – problems that have to be overcome to keep a business functioning, then an admin course is for you!

Every organisation needs people who can help them solve problems and make good decisions that are good for the organisation. A solid background in administration and the skills that it entails is the perfect preparation for this style of working and could open a variety of doors for you as you begin to make your way in your chosen career.

  1. Allow yourself to be a people person

You’re a people person. That’s great! Being able to learn and develop new ways of debating, discussing, and negotiating in different work-based situations during your time studying admin and information technology will make you more confident and employable once you’ve completed your studies.

This will also help you if you planning to enter a career in team or office management, marketing, or human resources.

Regardless of the career path that’s right for you, confident, articulate, courteous, and professional people are of great benefit to any organisation. So, let your people person out and let them grow!

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

Fife College offers Administration and Information Technology courses at Intermediate Certificate (SCQF Level 5), HNC, and HND level at our campuses in Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy.

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