Lockdown has affected us all, over the past few months you may have felt less motivated in many different ways. Diet has changed, work routine, studying, home-life mixed with personal life, it has all changed – maybe even in the smallest ways. Grab a cuppa, settle in and read on to see how we can help encourage you to stay motivated and how you could make your future a positive one.

Have you been looking at a course at Fife College but haven’t got round to applying yet? Do you keep putting it off? What’s holding you back? In the words of Charles Dederich:

 “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”

So what will you do today to change your future? Maybe you are unsure about what to study, and that is perfectly fine! If so, why not browse through our list of available courses? You may surprise yourself with what jumps out at you - and even better, you could apply today and start studying right away!


Putting college courses and careers aside, what hobbies or goals have you taken an interest in but not yet started? Why have you not taken that step forward yet? Life moves on and keeps moving forward, make sure you do too!

Before you know it, you have not yet skydived; you have never swum with sharks; you have not yet applied for that job you are too scared to apply for. It is always better to take that step or leap forward and say, “I have done this” than have regrets and tell yourself, “I wish I had done it”.

2020 has been a huge eye-opener for all of us. I hope reading this that something has changed positively for you. If not, ask yourself why not?

What can you do to make a change? You could try to write a list of things you want to do or change and put a time frame beside them. It’s important to remember that there is never a “right time” to do anything in this life, rather you should aspire towards them. There are curveballs and amazing opportunities, but please trust it all happens for a reason and timing is everything.

Some things are not meant to be believe in yourself so that you can move on to other, better places. The journey may be long and require you to heal with some wounds, but trust that the destination will be worth the struggle.

Fife College believes in you. We support you and we encourage you on this day, and every day, to make a change for yourself and your future. Who says you can’t? We say you can!