Fife College Digital Design and Development (Games), Computer Games Development, and 3D Computer Animation students are pictured at the College's Glenrothes Campus during their recent 'game jam'. 

Fife College students recently took part in a 30-hour game development marathon as part of a UK-wide event involving 3,000 students from across 40 institutions.

40 students, from the College's Digital Design and Development (Games), Computer Games Development, and 3D Computer Animation courses, stayed overnight at the Glenrothes Campus to take part in the nationwide game jam competition. 

Students formed teams of one to five to create a fully functional video game in just 30 hours. This year's game jam was branded the "Green Game Jam", and the theme was Climate Change and Sustainability.

Students were encouraged to make games relating to conservation of the environment, preserving endangered species, preventing global warming or dealing with the issues arising from it, handling pollution, or managing dwindling natural resources.

Led by the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE), the Green Game Jam is a product of a collaboration between UKIE, Space Gorilla Games and Playmob to encourage the future generation of game-makers to be a voice for climate change awareness.

Dundee-based video game developer, Ninja Kiwi, was also involved in the event, kindly donating boxes of pizza to the hard-working students as they powered through the night.  

Computing Technologies lecturer, Sarah Herzog, who helped oganise the College's team said: “We were extremely pleased with the turnout and level of engagement.

“The Green Game Jam gave our students invaluable experience in team-working and communication as well as time and project management, problem solving, and of course technical skills. The process matched students up across course lines, so programmers worked with artists and designers. Communicating with people from other disciplines is vital in the games industry, and is a lot harder than it seems at first, so this practice is a great opportunity.”

"All of our participants displayed great teamwork and resilience to create their completed entries within the given time. Well done to all that took part!"

Rebecca Mowat, 2nd year HND 3D Computer Animation, said: “The support from the tutors was beyond amazing. The creative atmosphere really had me excited to see the project through to the end. The team I had made it really worth doing too."

Team Sickly from the National Film and Television School were named overall winners of the competition while PB&J Studios from London South Bank University were runners up. 

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