With exam results day fast approaching, you may be feeling a little nervous about the next step in your journey. You’ve completed your studies so far, and you’re maybe even getting ready to leave school and going in a separate direction from the rest of your class group.

All of this can make it feel like the end of a journey. But this isn’t the case; your journey towards your dream career is only just beginning!

As you get ready to take your next step, whether that means continuing to study, perhaps towards a degree, or entering vocational training or an apprenticeship, it is important to continue to develop your knowledge and skills.

If you’re not sure what you’re going to do next, or your plans change after you get your results, don’t panic! There are loads of options open to you.

One of the best options is to speak to people who can help.

Fife College’s Clearing Day Events are a great place to speak to staff who know all about the industry you’d like to work in.

You’ll also be able to get information about guidance, funding, careers, and support available while studying at the College, as well as to apply for courses.

Clearing Day Events are running from 3-7pm on Tuesday, 6 August at our campuses in Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, and Glenrothes.

You can get full information on the College’s Clearing page.

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You can also call our dedicated Clearing helpline on 0344 248 0121 or email clearing@fife.ac.uk to discuss your options.

Call the Clearing Helpline email the Clearing team

Not only will studying at college give you the ideal base to progress to university, with many HN courses allowing you to start at uni in 2nd or 3rd year, but you’ll also be able to take your studies one year at a time without the pressure of a 4 year block.

And, at the end of each year, you’ll come away with a recognised and respected qualification that will enable you to enter employment if the opportunity comes up.

Fife College Architectural Technology student James Hutt is glad that he chose to study at Fife College.

James said: “The reason I came to Fife College was that I have a lot of friends that studied here and their feedback was only ever positive.

“They were all progressing onto uni after their time at the College as well, which was definitely something that appealed to me.

“When I’ve finished my HND, I’m planning to go on to university. I know that it’s possible to go from this HND course straight into the 3rd year of a degree but, because of the degree I want to do, Architecture rather than Architectural Technology, I’m going to be starting from 1st year.

“What I’ve enjoyed most about studying at Fife College has been being able to learn in groups – but also how approachable the staff have been throughout.”

Former Applied Sciences student (and current Beath High School teacher) Gordon Thomson agrees that college is a fantastic route to university.

Gordon said: “I think we’re missing a trick by pushing people solely towards university. I had a successful and enjoyable 20-year career and travelled the world without going to uni. It’s certainly not all about university qualifications. College qualifications can set you up perfectly for an excellent career. And you can also then go on to uni if that’s what you want to do.

“I got an absolutely brilliant vocational grounding in chemistry at Fife College. I have to be careful what I say here, but I think it was actually more useful to me than the hands-on, practical side of my degree course.

“At the College, you’re actually taught how to work in a laboratory properly, and how to handle equipment properly. The lab technicians who taught us this would be on your case if you were pipetting incorrectly. It was great!”

Get ready to start your journey with Clearing Day Events at Fife College: 6 August 3-7pm.

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