Mental health, it is a subject that we all hear and read about; but do we ever really talk about it? Do we take it as seriously as we should? Here at Fife College, we are very open and honest about this subject as we encourage our students to feel safe and welcome.  Now more than ever, as you all know for obvious reasons, this subject is so important, and Fife College have a message for you:


It is perfectly normal and okay to have bad days, we all have them. It’s important you recognise that you need someone to talk to.

 It is okay to not be okay.


Whether you are working, studying, raising a family, have relationships and friendships; this time can be very difficult to juggle everything at the one time. You are merging your personal life with work life and it can be hard to adjust. We recognise that. We hear you. We are all the exact same. It is so important to look after your mental health as much as your physical health. Self-care can help balance your mind, so you feel calm and rejuvenated after. And please remember that everyone has their own activities that help them unwind or relax.


If you ever feel as though you need to speak to someone about how you are feeling, there are a number of trustworthy listeners that we value here at Fife College.


There are also a few links to help you with mental health and offer you or someone that you know advice and guidance: